4 Hour Body

Want to get results with less time in the gym?

Pick up the book 4 hour body written by Tim Ferris and check out a few of the weight training routines.

What attracted me to this book and his routines is that I could get the same and better results while spending only a fraction of the time in the gym.

Unless you love spending time in the gym the idea of better results with less time in the gym sounded to good to be true. So I tested it out.

I spent approximately 6 months doing what I think is called the Ocum’s protocol or the Colorado experiment.

The main principle’s I followed were.

  • 3 exercises only with 2 diferent routines…days A and B
  • Less then 10 reps per exercise
  • 5×5 cadence
  • Push it till failure where you literally have nothing left and if at that point you can do more then 8 reps then you would increase the weight for that exercise the next time.
  • Rest at least 3 days between exercises and don’t do anything else!

Exercise A->

Yates Bent Row
Shoulder Width Leg Press
Weighted Dips

Exercise B->

Leg Curl
Reverse Curls with Thick Bar
Seated Calf Raise
Machine Crunch

That is all there is to it other than eating well, remember breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day.

With this routine I was able to achieve amazing results. Actually I got freaking shredded but I was also walking alot for my job and being really active by playing tennis and skateboarding on the off days.

The purpose of this is to truly rest between workouts but that was just to hard for me so I figured a little cardio activity couldn’t hurt. This allowed me to continue doing the stuff I loved which was playing tennis, biking, windsurfing, surfing, rollerblading, basically anything you would do outside in a beach town I was doing.

Give it a try and let us know what you think?

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