Common Workout Pitfalls to Avoid When Training

When you start workouts, there is a deep seated desire and expectations of results. However, time can pass without you necessarily seeing the fruits of your labor, something that can make you question what you are doing wrong. At times, lack of results could be due to inadequate focus and discipline in your training or your training could be embroiled with such blinding fury such that your attention is shifted from what you are trying to accomplish. Below is a discussion on some of the common mistakes people make when training and how to avoid them.

Allowing Moods to Control Your Workouts

When working out, distractions are bound to happen because they are normal occurrences in life. The point is, you should never let such distractions overwhelm you and as a consequence rob your precious workout time. When the distractions finally clear, you may not be in the mood any longer to exercise. Your workout ought to be automatic just like any other aspect of your daily routine. Even in the face of distractions and low moods, never sacrifice your workouts at the altar of discouragement.

Working Out without a Plan

Getting yourself to the gym is like winning half the battle and to complete the process you need to have an elaborate plan both short and long term. Lack of identified goals makes your workouts purposeless and this can make you crash out even before you begin seeing changes. Consider drawing up a plan and then breaking it down into cycles covering approximately 8 weeks each. Revisit your plans regularly and make adjustments where possible based on your past performance. Having a notebook or a phone to write up your workout as you head to the gym is important.

Overly Obsessed about Strength to Vary Your Workouts

It is possible and this is the desire of many people who work out that they become stronger. However, gaining strength doesn’t come from performing the same round of exercises over and over again. In a few weeks, you may see as if this is working well for you and thereafter it fails miserably. You need to vary your strength training protocol to include weights, cycling reps, exercises, and volume. Ensure you give yourself enough time for recovery.

Giving Your Nutrition Program a Back Seat

Nutrition is one of the critical components of training. It doesn’t matter whether you are training for fat loss, muscle gain, or both, your diet can help you optimize your ability to attain your goals. In the same manner you put effort into planning your training; you should also do more to ensure your nutrition protocol is in shape. Make every meal count as far as your nutritional numbers are concerned.

Unrealistic Expectations

Motivation is such a powerful tool and can even power you through difficulties. However, it is also important to be realistic in your expectations so that you can sustain your training even when fatigue sets in. You do not begin skipping workouts because the results are not forthcoming. Measure your results based on how long you stay in the program rather than short term achievements.


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