How to Enhance Your Strength without Adding More Weight

There has been a notion doing rounds in workout circles that if you want to get stronger, the only way out is to do more reps and add extra resistance to your exercises. This has made people hit the bench, the leg press, and the bar while consistently adding pounds of weight with the hope that their strength will improve. While heavy resistance training can yield fantastic results, the truth is, it is not the only system.

Below are 4 techniques you can learn and use to attain your fitness goals. The good thing about these techniques is that they do not require gym membership or expensive equipment because they only involve adjustments in technique and not external load.

Increasing the Range of Motion

Instead of adding extra weights, increasing the range of motion in the exercise you are undertaking can give you amazing yields for every rep. For instance, when squatting, you can try going all the way to the ground up to the point where the back of your thigh touches your calf. When doing pushups, start close to the ground and then lift yourself all through to the point where your shoulder blades spread and your elbows lock out. The human body was designed for full motion and this should not be much of a problem to you.

Try Something a Little More Difficult

Instead of thinking about particular exercises, concentrate on the movement patterns. You can easily increase the resistance when working out by doing the same movement pattern but in a slightly different exercise. The advantage this has is that it alters the degree of weight distribution to a particular muscle group or body part leading to massive gains. For instance, instead of doing a standard squat, you can go for a single leg pistol squat or an archer squat.

Change the Tempo

We live in a culture where more is good and our achievement is measured by the numbers we attain. While this may be true in some instances, when working out, you can successfully squeeze maximal resistance from every set by simply taking it slow. When you change tempo, you add more tension to each rep and set thus increasing the quantity of mass fibers which are being fired up. Having quality controlled movements taken through a full range of motion can enhance pure strength as well as put your neurological wires in proper form.

Technical Progression

It is possible to increase the difficulty level of an exercise without necessarily adding extra weight. Rarely is your first muscle up your best one and neither is your first single-arm push-up, pistol squat or elbow lever. When you get the first one done, you should focus on making it better in the next round. This is what is referred to as technical progression. Improving your technique through time will make you stronger and the sky will be no limit for you.


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