The Top Intermediate Muscle-Building Chest Workouts

Resistance training can be rewarding especially if you stick with it long enough. It graduates you from the beginner level and ushers you into the intermediate level. This is when you begin tackling more challenging and engaging workouts that give your body the stress it needs to continue growing in new ways. As an intermediate, your need for more training variety ought to increase to enable you continue building muscle.

After 6 to 8 weeks at the intermediate level, most of the training plans you had at the beginning start becoming less effective and it is at this point that you must explore and consider adjustments in your training schedule. The following chest workouts can help you build a thicker, stronger, and an enhanced muscular chest. Really want to up your training try working as a mover like a friend of mine did for . That is sure to get you jacked.

Middle Chest Workout for Mass Building


The exercises in this workout target the beefy middle chest. The first movement can be a bench press and then a dumbbell press on an adjustable bench to enable you to slightly raise the angle to attain a modest incline. In addition, a hammer strength chest press taken while sitting crosswise on the machine can allow you to swiftly push across your body thus working out your middle chest fibers. As you finish off, a single joint exercise targeted at the middle pecs can help you attain the much envied muscle pump.

Upper Chest Mass Building Workout

Whether you are periodically cycling through your various chest regions for growth or you are simply targeting your upper pecs to ensure they don’t lag, upper chest workouts will certainly give you the results that you are looking for. It is important to note that incline bench presses do not just repeat previously done angles but also include steeper and modest bench angles. Because incline barbell bench works out your chest from a fixed bench angle, you should reduce the degree of incline when you hit the dumbbell bench press. Including hammer strength incline chest press can help torch your upper chest in a unique way.

Lower Chest Workout

This resembles the upper chest workout routine only that it is flipped. The movements here target the lower chest region from a number of different decline angles. Do not forget to always adjust the angle between your first and second incline bench presses and do the hammer strength exercise at the end.

Rotating Mass Workouts

All the above workouts target individual chest areas which is excellent. However, if you want a single workout that targets the upper, middle and lower section of your chest, rotating mass workouts is what you need. To ensure you work out evenly, always rotate the first exercise in your routine to start with a flat bench, incline or decline press. In this way, all the three sections will be periodically worked out when you have the most energy.

When undertaking mass workouts for chest, the most critical concepts to internalize include multiple bench angles to give you optimal growth, dependence on multi-joint workouts for mass buildup and sufficient intensity and volume necessary to boost your hormonal response.


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