Weightlifters Beginner’s Guide to Workout Nutrition

If you are to get excellent results in the gym, you cannot afford not to eat around your training. This is because nutrition has a significant impact on your workout results. It doesn’t matter how hard you work in the gym, abs are built in the kitchen and what you eat may be the difference between meeting your goals and falling by the wayside. Read below to understand how to harness the power of nutrition in order to perform, recover faster and grow stronger. The same friend mentioned earlier who has had nearly every type of job under the sun was a painting for a summer and needed to be in really good shape for his job so he made some slight changes to his diet and got shredded.

Before Workout Nutrition

It pays big to have a proper nutrition before you walk into the gym for your workouts. The food groups to concentrate on include:


These are the preferred fuel source for your body. When your body is well fueled, training is optimized. Because the goal is to have every consumed gram of carbohydrate utilized as a fuel source or used to restore glycogen levels, you should moderate your carbohydrate intake. Have at least two meals before you start your training and both should be rich in complex carbohydrates. Complex carbs take long to be digested and as such they will help you sustain your workout regime.

Fast Absorbing Protein

The anabolic and anticatabolic effects of branched chained amino acids present in fast absorbing proteins such as whey makes you to produce better results than athletes using other types of proteins. Pre-workout protein according to studies helps to enhance resting energy expenditure by between 6 and 6.5%.

Protein and amino acids can also spare carbs in your body. When the body runs out of carbohydrate fuel, it turns to amino acids instead of fatty acids and breaks them down through a process called gluconeogenesis to produce energy.

Creatine Monohydrate

Supplementing with creatine monohydrate before your workout can help you a great deal if you have hypertrophy or strength goals. The best type of creatine is the micronized creatine monohydrate because it is the most studied and tested creatine on the market. Since weightlifting is an intense activity, the body prefers creatine phosphates in the production of energy.

Nutrition during Workout

If you do not train long enough in a session, you may not need any extra fuel. However, people who are preparing for physique competition may need extra fuel. This is because chances of muscle loss are high among these athletes because the protein turnover is increased and thus the body needs more protein during the workout. Branched-chain amino acids are the best for intra-workout supplements.

If you train at a high intensity or for long sessions, you may also need extra workout fuel. Remember to include electrolytes and water to replenish lost fluids and avoid dehydration.

Post-Workout Nutrition

After heavy weightlifting workout, your tissue needs repair and growth and your glycogen and blood sugar levels need replenishment. The best foods to achieve these goals are proteins especially branched-chain amino acids because they digest quickly as well as fast digesting carbs to speed recovery.


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